12 April 2015    Reece   WorldCup   Ruaridh   Jure  

We did have quite a big share of bad luck yesterdays, but today we had a much better day here in Lourdes. Ruaridh and Jure both improved on their results, Reece lost couple of places – he was 47th, which is still a great result for first elite race! Jure made it to his first finals in the World Cup and finished the race in 53rd, so he has a good reason to celebrate.

Ruaridh was our fastest man in Lourdes, but 43rd is not the result this champion is aiming for. But looking at a big picture this is a very decent result, in a tough competition and not on his maximum performance. Read more about it below in his own words.
We are also happy to report that Zarja is feeling much better today, and her injury didn’t break her good spirits. She is already making plans for the next races!

It was an intense week and we would like to thank everybody – staff, sponsors & friends – for the support and good spirits. We look forward to the next big events and the next rounds of the UCI MTB World Cup!

Ruaridh Cunningham, 43rd place: “This weekend was pretty tough for me. I separated my shoulder 10 days ago and was unsure whether I was going to ride or not.
I managed to tape it up and got faster as the weekend went on. All in all the result is not where I want to be, but I’m happy to have managed the first race and will have 6 weeks to prepare for the next round at Fort William.”

Reece Wilson, 47th place: “My weekend was good, I felt relaxed and had a good first weekend with the team.
Qualifying went smoothly, so I was satisfied with that. Finals didn’t go as well as I’d hoped for, but I’m glad that I came away uninjured and I’m already looking forward to Fort William. Fitness wise I feel good but I definitely have a few things to work on over the coming weeks.”

Jure Žabjek, 53rd place: “I’m happy with my result, my final run went as I planed. I didn’t push it too far, I knew that I will gain places with a solid run. The track in Lourdes is really hard and takes some casualties – with technical issues or crashes - on every session.
I was already happy after Saturday’s qualifications, taking the place in the final race for the first time. Now we have time to get ready for Fort William, where I will aim even higher!”

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Photos by Klemen Humar Photography