31 May 2015    xco   WorldCup   Tanja   Albstadt  

Race analysis showed that Tanja lost the most in the first lap, and only found her pace after end of second lap. She was doing better in the second part of the race, lap times got better and she took back couple of places. Fast riding on the descents didn’t bring a lot of advantage today – the course in Albstadt has two long climbs and this is where she lost time. After an hour and 42 minutes of racing she had to settle for 25th place.

Tanja Žakelj (Unior Tools Team) after the race: »I expected more from the today's race in Albstadt. I think I had a solid start, but got caught in the crowd in the start and first lap and in there I didn't find the best lines. So I finished the first lap with lots of problems, but that is no excuse, it was the same for everybody. One of the riders even fell in front of me in the first lap, and that cost me some time and concentration. I had to pull my head together after that and continue with my own race. I was around 30th place at the time, after that I focused and continued with better pace. On the climbs I could pull only so much from my legs, on the downhills I was OK. This is the result I got and I have to build on it.«

Season is just getting started, and we know that Tanja can do much better and will have a chance to prove it soon!

Second win of the season went to Jolanda Neff, she was in the lead from the start. Julien Absalon won the afternoon race, making his record braking 30th World Cup victory.

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Photos by Grega Stopar