04 July 2015    DH   Reece   WorldCup   Ruaridh  

After many years the UCI MTB World Cup came back to Lenzerheide and surprised us all with the beautiful scenery. There were quite a few surprises also on the downhill track, and that on almost every run. Dust and loose rocks made it really hard for the riders, and connected with that was also the number of crashes.
We are taking home two amazing results. Ruaridh Cunningham rode to his best result of the season and finished 20th (he was 27th in the qualies). He rode very smartly, without big mistakes and set a very good time that put him also in the good position in the overall standings – he is now 23rd with 213 points. Reece Wilson also improved on his qualifying result and advanced to 35th. His run was also clean, and without a mistake on the top he could finish around where Ruaridh was, which is a great way to finish a World Cup weekend and go on to BDS and other World Cup races. Žiga Pandur didn’t qualify for the finals, he struggled with the course and even hit a tree on his run, loosing too much time to race on Sunday. Below you will find what our Scottish riders had to say after the race.
Champions of the day are Rachel Atherton and Greg Minnaar. Greg took 18th World Cup victory of his career and becoming the greatest downhill riders of all time.
Our gravity riders can party today, but the race weekend is not over for us. We are now completely focusing on cross-country race and Tanja Žakelj, she will start here race at 11:15, of course with live program on Red Bull TV.

Ruaridh Cunningham, 20th place: “It was pretty solid weekend for me. Felt quite confortable on the track early on in the practice and slowly build on that. Qualifying didn’t go as planed, but we managed to regroup. Today it was a solid race, didn’t really felt like I was pushing it as hard as I could in some places. But it was pretty terrifying track, there were a lot of crashes in the final and for me the big picture is the overall. First top-20 of the year and things are going into the right direction, slowly moving up in the overall. There are three races left, we have couple of weeks to fine tune some things and push to get into top-20 at the end of the season.
Practice didn’t go ideal this morning. I landed on the rock and pretty much repeated what I did in the qualifying yesterday. But I was quite confident in my riding and I knew that if everything went as planned I can be top-20 or better. I backed off a little bit in places, but at the same time a lot of guys came away from here covered in dust. I put a good run in and all good, I’m happy.”

Reece Wilson, 35th place: “Today was good; it’s a good improvement and a step in the right direction for me. 35th place is not quite where I want to be, but at this time of the year it’s where I need to be. I’m happy with that. I did another solid run with a small mistake, but looking back at the run I’m pretty happy that I recovered well, stayed calm and just rode good and smooth to the bottom. This was a very positive weekend, and I’m happy to go to the next one with more experience and more knowledge, which is really what this year is all about for me.
I learned loads this weekend. Swapping tires back and forward, which I don’t know if it was the right thing to go. I should pick one and stuck with it, but at the same time I kind of got a feel for it. The track was really not my style, I struggled for the whole weekend, and even on my race run I wasn't on 100%. So to come away with a solid result like this, without feeling good, is good I guess.”

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Photos by Klemen Humar