20 July 2015    DH   Ziga   Zarja   Jure  

Jure Žabjek wasn’t racing since Fort William – he crashed there and came back home with two fractures in the wrist. Since then he wasn’t racing, but his mind was in the right place – relaxed and determined. This proved to be a right formula for the Slovenian championships race in bike park Javornik. He was fastest in the seeding run and again in the finals.

Second place on the podium was secured by Žiga Pandur, who also had a good day, finishing a good second behind Jure. Zarja Černilogar was also second, still not racing at 100% after that big crash in Lourdes. But she is back on the bike, and faster with each day, and this is the most important thing right now.
Our junior rider Nal Otoničar didn’t have a good weekend, he crashed on Saturday and injured his shoulder.

This is what our podium finishers had to say about the race:
Jure Žabjek, Slovenian DH Champion: “This was my first race after the injury in Fort William. I just wanted to enjoy on the race and don’t get injured again. Course was extremely dusty and slippery. I’m super excited with the final result!”

Žiga Pandur, 2nd place: “Currently we have a heat wave in Slovenia, so it was hard to stay hydrated and keeping body cool during these days. Track was – as usual here in Javornik – really good and by the finals it was proper dust bowl – really slippery and hard to make clean run without any mistakes. Final run was good with some loose moments but overall was a good run.”

Zarja Černilogar, 2nd place: “I’m really happy that my first race after the injury is behind me. I was great to be back in the action! I didn’t have so much fun on the bike for a while now, and the speed is again coming back. Every day I’m closer to where I should be.”

Full results on mtb.si.

Photos by Klemen Humar