20 July 2015    DH   Reece   Ruaridh  

With many national championships taking place simultaneously this weekend, Llangollen in Wales hosted the 2015 British national championship. Llangollen is a track famous for its steep terrain and with an almost all new track built for the race it was set to hold some of the closest racing so far this season.

The combination of the fresh track and the dry conditions meant the track deteriorated over the course of the weekend. Big holes and blown out corners littered the already challenging course and meant a mistake free run was going to be difficult come race time.

When the racing was said and done. Less than 2.5 seconds covered the top 10., with Ruaridh finishing up on the podium in 3rd and Reece finishing 9th in his first senior championship.

Ruaridh Cunningham, 3rd place: "Happy with another solid weekend and stoked to be up there on the podium for a second weekend in a row! The track was very difficult to judge for finals, I felt like I paced it well and was happy with my run. I'm feeling more confident on the bike every week and I think that's starting to show. I'm looking forward to a weekend off and then start preparing for the next few world cups in August."

Danny Hart won the race ahead of Sam Dale and Ruaridh.

Full results on roots and rain.

Photos by Keith Valentine / phunkt.com