02 August 2015    DH   Reece   Ruaridh   Ziga  

Can you believe it? Mont-Sainte-Anne is hosting best downhillers since 1991, making the event older than many of the today’s best riders! Organizers celebrate 25th anniversary in style – with lots of stories, all-time legends, parties, concerts, archive photos and of course great racing.

Today downhill race was on the program, with changing conditions that made racing intense and unpredictable. Our riders all easily qualified, Žiga was fastest with amazing 28th time of the day. After series of bad results this was a great motivator for today’s finals.

Zarja Černilogar was first on the course, still recovering from her injury in Lourdes. Her shoulder is back in one piece, but she still needs to keep it save, which was obvious from her riding. However she did manage to get up to 15th place, giving her a nice motivation boost for the last part of the season.

Among our three elite men riders Reece Wilson was the best with 25th place. This is his first season in this category, which only shows what a talent he is! Reece is progressing from race to race, has a right attitude and makes it look so easy! Ruaridh Cunningham was 28th and kept his very high position in the overall standings – 23rd. Žiga Pandur was our last man on the course and his determination was great – maybe even too great and mistakes followed. On the “after-some-rain” surface quickly backfired and he finished in 49th. Still a good result – his best so far in the season – and also for him a great booster for the rest of the races.

Rachel Atherton and Josh Bryceland won the main races.

Results & standings (link to UCI)
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Photos by Keith Velentine/phunkt.com & Grega Stopar