08 August 2015    WorldCup   Ruaridh   Windham  

Downhill race in Windham didn’t disappoint. Track was loose and dusty, but offered a great racing on the end. Crowds were happy with another amazing victory of American wonder kid Aaron Gwin, while we also have a very decent results to show. Ruaridh Cunningham was fast throughout the week and finished the race in 20th place – his second “top-20” of the season. He is 24th in the overall standings.

The rest of Unior riders didn’t have such a good day. Zarja Černilogar was first on the course, had a small crash and finished in 20th. Žiga Pandur improved on his 60th place from the qualies and finished in 58th; but he was still not happy with his run. Reece Wilson was very fast out on the course, with 26th time on split time 1, but on one of the landings his front wheel got caught on the loose rock and he went on the ground. The crash was big, but he stood back up, got on his bike and came to the finish. He got new set of bruises and 74th place.

Ruaridh Cunningham after he took 20th place in Windham:
“I’m pretty happy to be honest. I would like to be higher up, but I put a good run and hung out in a few spots. I said I can do ‘46’ and be fast, and I did ‘46’. I’m happy with it, times were very tight.
This is another solid result. I’ve been fast for the whole weekend – time practice, qualifying, race; each time high in the top-20. There are a lot of positives and I’ll keep the momentum going for the last round.
I had couple of loose moments, but I do feel like I maybe didn’t push as much as I needed to, but at the same time I planed in my head beforehand how hard I’ll go. Some sections were better than I had for the whole weekend, with others I was maybe a little bit couches.”

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Photos by Keith Velentine/phunkt.com & Grega Stopar