09 August 2015    XC   WorldCup   Tanja   Windham  

After the start loop Tanja got caught in the second group of riders and finished her first full lap in 15th. But that didn’t take away her courage and she only pushed her pedals harder – this took her higher and higher, to final 6th place.

Her lap times show that she could go even higher – she was 3rd fastest in the third lap, 4th fastest in the fifth lap and 2nd fastest in the last (sixth) lap! She gain a lot of places with a pace like this, and finished the race just behind the podium – with the gap of just 17 seconds behind the rider in fifth!

“I’m very happy with 6th place in Windham. I’m making progress and this is my plan for the last part of season,” said Tanja after the race. She already looks forward to the finals in Val di Sole and the World Champ in Andorra.

Tanja also gave us a comment on the race itself: “I usually like the track in Windham, it’s very specific with the long climb and long, but technically unchallenging descent. The only thing I didn’t like was the dust, and it was so much of it! In the start loop I felt kind of lost… But soon I focused on myself, looked for the best lines and made sure I didn’t do any mistakes. The gaps were not big after the first part of the lap, so I caught many of the riders after I got on my race pace.”

Tanja doesn’t hide the fact that she was aiming for the podium in Windham, but she is still super happy with the result and looks forward to the last two races.

Windham winners are Pauline Ferrand Prevot and Nino Schurter.

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Photos by Keith Velentine/phunkt.com & Grega Stopar