18 August 2015    Jure   iXSEDC  

Over 300 riders from 25 countries came to race in Spicak, among them was also our rider Jure Žabjek. He shows excellent form ahead of the World Cup finals and the World Champs, and this also shows in his latest achievement.

Jure was second on Saturday, finishing just 1.219 seconds behind Johannes Fischbach. German was again fastest on Satuday in the Super Finals, Jasper Jauch was second and Jure Žabjek was third. They all deserved their place on the podium, the gap to the fourth rider was pretty big.

Jure Žabjek: “The track in Spicak doesn’t change much over the years and has also very closed and slow parts. This year it was very dry and dusty, and the ground was slippery all the way to the finals. Then the rain came. I went on my final run with some reserve since I wasn’t sure what are the conditions like after the storm. I did a good run, got third on the race and now I’m in fourth overall.”


Photos by extreme-pics.de/Thomas Dietze & Klemen Humar