20 August 2015    Reece   Ruaridh   Crankworx  

Ruaridh Cunningham and Reece Wilson did in Whistler what they do best – ride their bikes! Not just for the result, but also for the pure pleasure of it.

Reece describes it best: "Whistler for me is the one week of the year where you and your mates from around the world can get together and ride, ride, ride and "occasionally" party… Haha. Without any pressure to be anywhere or do anything important. It's just chilling out and having bags of fun! This year was exactly that! I didn't take the races I entered too seriously but instead joined the "A-line Train" and jammed at Whip-Off Worlds! Those two things I've wanted to do since I started downhill, so it was amazing to get the opportunity to do that! All in all a great week and I'm more excited than ever to head to Val di Sole for the final World Cup of the season."


Photos by Keith Velentine/phunkt.com