22 August 2015    Flisar   VDS   4cross  

Filip Flisar doesn’t go on race just for fun, he takes each event seriously and with respect for the competition. He did the same after he got invited to race for the Slovenian national team on the 4-cross World Championships in Val di Sole.

Filip is racing BMX for Unior Tools Team for couple of months now, this race however represented the whole new challenge. He only had hours of training on his bike, but he already showed great smoothness and speed – looks like you can carry over some elements from the ski-cross! He finished in 30th in the qualifications and was in 7th heat on the today’s finals.

Start was very solid, Filip was in a very good position on the first berm. Then things went wrong for the leading rider – Australian lost the control and went on the ground right in front of Filip. He couldn’t do anything than brake and stop. The two other riders went ahead to take the heat, Filip finished the race in final 24th place.

Filip Flisar after his first 4-cross champs: “Championships were great, something new for me. I didn’t know how exactly this will look like, but it was great, like I’m used to – I like big races. All together was a little bit off my usual routine, but I do think that I did a good job. I came into finals, which is more than great. Also I think I could do better today if the Australian wouldn’t crash… Race was super, a good experience for the future.”

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Photos by Klemen Humar & Grega Stopar