06 September 2015

World Championships in Andorra finished today with spectacular downhill race and the victories of Rachel Atherthon and Bruni Loic in the elite category and Marine Cabirou and Laurie Greenland in the junior category.

Our team riders however also did a very good job! Žiga Pandur had amazing run and went straight on the hot seat after he crossed the finish line (Mick Hannah was leading at the time) and stayed there for quite a while. Jure Žabjek, the last of the Slovenian national team on the race, had his run minutes later, also with a very solid time. Then there wasn’t much more to do than wait and see how high will the runs bring them. Žiga was 24th and Jure was 32nd – for both riders this is personal best!

Zarja Černilogar had her race earlier on in the day, but that one didn’t go well. Zarja had two crashes and finished in 27th.

Žiga Pandur: “New personal milestone for me, which makes me really happy. I’m really glad that the result came here in Andorra – after the bad start of the season I needed that! The track was really changing daily. On the first day it was dry in the morning, than the rain came. On the next day it was very sticky, soon it was hard to just stay on the bike. Today we again had a dry track.
I had so much fun in the first three days, but today in the morning it wasn’t the same. I still had fun, but I was doing mistakes on every second turn. I started to think what I should do on my final run… I went for the smooth run, with some reserve in certain sections, but better this than going on the ground.
It took a while to get to this point and this result, but everybody has ups and downs in the career. I hope it will go just higher from now on!”

Jure Žabjek: “I had a very good run, especially in the top part. Towards the bottom I did some smaller mistakes – due to tiredness and the fact that that part is much harder. Track was much dryer than in the morning, but I still started my run with some reserve. I didn’t want to crash. I’m really happy with this result that just confirms good season. This are world champs, the competition is harder, as is the track, which is why the result means so much more to me!”

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Photos by Grega Stopar & Keith Valentine