14 September 2015    Reece   Ruaridh   Hardline  

The course for the Red Bull Hardline with Jeep is claimed to be “bigger and more technical than anything ever seen before in downhill mountain biking,” which is something we easily believe. It was built by Dan Atherton on the hills in Mid-Wales and it took a lot of “casualties” during the race weekend.

Gee Atherton was fastest rider on Satuday, but not on the race day. He was the final rider of the day, but he got a flat and finished in eight. Our rider Ruaridh Cunningham was the one who found the fastest line over this monster of the terrain and claimed the title. Reece Wilson was fifth.

Ruaridh said for the official report: “The course was incredibly tough, mentally and physically the toughest I have ever ridden. It was good to see everyone get down safely and I am delighted to take the win.”

Congratulations Ruaridh!

Official website – Red Bull Hardline

Photo credits: Sven Martin, Duncan Philpott & Rutger Pauw / Red Bull Content Pool