22 September 2015    Ziga   Jure   iXSEDC   Leogang  

Final race of the season is always something special – it’s the last chance for a good result and also a race where we get the overall winners. Unior Tools Team riders played an important role in both.
Jure Žabjek was fastest on Saturday in the qualifications and went to the finals with the additional doze of self-confidence. Unfortunately he got a flat in the middle of the track and finished in 28th. The result was still good enough to climb on the overall standings – he finished the season in 3rd position in the elite man category. Johannes Fischbach won the series.
Jure was not our only rider in Super Finals in Leogang – Žiga Pandur qualified with 5th time and was even better on Sunday. He was 4th! Benoit Coulanges won the race. Žiga also did very well overall, he finished the season in 7th.

This is what our riders had to say about the race and the results:
Jure Žabjek, 3rd overall: “I put together an excellent ride on Saturday and finished the qualifications with fastest time of the day. Till then the track was dry, which was not the case on Sunday. Some parts were very wet and racing became much harder. Nevertheless, I got used to the conditions quickly. I was again doing a great job in my final run, all the way to the point where I got a puncture. I finished in 28th, which is a disappointment. I like this track and I knew that I could do well here. At the same time it’s important that I secured 3rd place in the overall standings of the iXS EDC cup, which is super nice!”

Žiga Pandur, 4th on the race, 7th overall: “Final race of the iXS European Cup in Leogang was also my last race for this season (in competitive meaning). After a long season the last races are always challenging – it’s harder to get in the race zone and not take it too easily.
The forecast for the weekend was bad, with rain on every day and heavy rain on Sunday. As I love riding in the mud and rain I heavily anticipated this weather. But in Alps everything is possible and the weather was dry the first two days with just a small shower on Saturday night. The track got pretty tricky and slippery for Sunday morning practice, with the dust transforming to thick mud. For finals in the afternoon the track got almost dry so it was hard to judge how dry it would be on the next section on the track. My final run went good, I started my run with a lot of reserve because I was expecting muddy conditions, but it was almost dry. In the lower part of the track I've adapted to the conditions and rode it like I can. At the end of the day it was enough for 4th place, which makes me really happy - I'll take any podium finish on any day as a good day. Now it's time to relax for a week or two as I'm going back to University after one year of pause. There is still some time to reflect on the whole season and get all the positives and weaknesses together, then make a plan to come back even faster in the next season. And of course, now it's offseason so there should be also time for some other fun stuff!”

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Photos by extreme-pics / Thomas Dietze & Unior Tools Team