04 April 2016    BDS   Ruaridh  

Race in Ae Forest was the last hard test ahead of the start of the UCI MTB World Cup season that will start next week in Lourdes. Gee Atherthon, now also a Trek Session rider, won the race in the wet conditions, Ruaridh Cunningham was ninth.

His comment after the race was short:
“Spent the weekend bog bashing at Ae 2. Got a soggy towards the bottom in my run but managed to bounce my way down. Big props to Innes Graham for a being a GC and getting 2nd.”

More from Ruardih on his Instagram profile @RC_mtb.

We can’t say we’re super happy with the result, but we’re very happy with the fact that he’s fast and right up there with the fastest.

British Downhill Series

Photos by Keith Valentine/phunkt.com