21 May 2016    xco   WorldCup   Tanja  

Tanja Žakelj had number plate 24 on her handlebar and she lost couple of places in the crowd in the start loop. But she knew that nothing is decided and she was gaining places for a while. At some point that stopped and she began to fall down the ladder.

Tanja didn't hide her disappointment after the race: »Very, very, very bad race and I fell catastrophic right now. I couldn't get what I was aiming for, and that is much better result. Like I couldn’t give 100%.
I tried to battle for a good position in the beginning of the race. I didn't look around to see what others are doing, we're pretty close together and climb in the start lap didn't do any selection. Everything was still possible at that time, but only if I could give more. But I simply couldn't.«

Tanja also crashed in the fourth lap and slipped off the course, but that didn't have much effect on the overall outcome of the race.

Now it's time for a rest and road trip to La Bresse. Next World Cup race is on schedule next weekend and it's time to focus on that. Tanja will do race analysis with her coach Samo and then went to new race weekend. »We have to stay optimistic,« she adds.

Annika Langvad defended number plate one with great success – she won second time in a row.

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Photos by Grega Stopar