05 June 2016    Reece   WorldCup   Jure   FortWilliam  

Ruaridh and Reece are always under some kind of special pressure here in Fort William – it's their home race and when they go on the track the crowds are even louder. And they are already loud for everybody out there, which makes the event even greater.

Ruaridh Cunningham was our man for very high places today. He knows the track like the back of his palm, but that didn't help him today. Somewhere up there he simply hit something with all force and rear tire lost the pressure. 73rd place was everything he could save from that.

For Reece Fort William was first World Cup race of the season. He had a knee surgery after last season and he's still feeling that. He took 44th, which is a good start for the season. Reece Wilson after the race: “First World Cup weekend was good building up for me, I didn’t let my self go carried away in all this excitement. I did lots of smooth runs and tried to get my head in the race again. It’s difficult after sitting five months in the sofa. Result is good starting point for me.”

“Keep it smooth and have fun,” was Reece’s recipe for the Nevis Range track, and it worked!

Jure Žabjek had a good run, actually this was his first race on this venue for this young rider. He was here in 2015, but after a crash on the first training he was not just out of the race, but also out of season for a while. Today he was 58th. “This was my first race in Fort William, and I can easily say that this track really is hard! I did a mistake in the forest section and lost some time since I couldn’t clip-in right away. It went smooth after that. I’m happy with my result, but I know that I can show more and make better result. The atmosphere was also fantastic,” was Jure’s comment after the race.

Žiga Pandur was one of the riders that felt all brutality of this course. His crash on Friday wasn’t spectacular, but consequences – broken ribs and shoulder blade – will force him off the bike for a number of weeks.

Weekend of legends will go down in history that's to Greg Minnaar’s victory that is now on absolute top of the riders with most victories in the world cup. At the same time this was last home world cup race for Steve Peat, an absolute legend of the sport. Earlier in the day, Rachel Atherton took victory for UK.

World Cup continues next week in Leogang, Austria.

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Photos by Klemen Humar