02 July 2016    xco   Tanja   WCH  

“What a race,” was most common comment after the atmosphere finally calm down late in the afternoon. Race started with a crash that took Gunn-Rita Dahle out of race and finished with Langvad’s victory and crazy battle for bronze. Tanja Žakelj also had a dramatic day. She was just behind the crash in the start and also went down, after that she was in the very last position on the race!

Then she showed real flair in her eyes and decided that this is not the end. She attacked from the back and with some top-20 laps she made it to 22nd.

Tanja Žakelj: “I was motivated, I had good training before the race. I had ups and downs, but I’m glad I did an ‘up’ on this championships. Start was brutal. I didn’t do any mistakes, I even thought that I found a good gap in the bunch. Then the girls crashed and I had to exit. I also went on the ground. For a moment I felt worried for Gunn-Rita, but I had to say to myself that this is a race and I have to go on. Then I realized I was in the last position, but that didn’t ‘derailed’ me. I knew there are a lot of girls ahead of me, but then again not enough that I couldn’t take anything from the race. Track is also wide and there are many opportunities to pass.
I enjoyed racing, of course I pass overtaking a lot and this gave me additional motivation. It took a lot of strength to get to higher places. I was loosing power towards and the and unfortunately I didn’t overtake Australian in front of me.
I’m very happy with my race. I had nice cadence, I felt good, mistakes didn’t take me off balance… This was racing in the full meaning of the word.”

Tanja finished the race in 22nd, which doesn’t sound much, but after start like that we can only congratulate her for great battle and effort she showed.

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Photos by Grega Stopar