16 August 2016    Ruaridh   Crankworx  

Fresh news from Whistler:
> EWS Enduro – Ruaridh managed to get through 51 miles of brutal trail with the 37th time of the day, beating some pretty awesome enduro specialists.

> Garbando DH - Legs were too tired after weekend of EWS racing, so Ruaridh decided to skip this race, take some rest and focus on other events in the week.

> Fox Air DH - Gaps were small on the iconinc A-Line. Bas Van Steenbergen won with the time of 4:04.02, Ruaridh was 28th with a gap of 9.62.

> Whip-Off World Champs – Ruaridh made it to top 30 finalists but things got crazy after that and top-10 was out of reach. Still we saw some very impressive moves from his side.

> Canadian Open DH - Last race of the week for Ruaridh, who showed great performance and finished in 12th.


All photos by Keith Valentine