31 August 2016    Ziga   Jure   Champs  

Part of Diverse Downhill Contest was also European downhill championships, and our riders of course had to go to Poland. Jure Žabjek, racing for the Slovenian national team, went to Wisła as defending champion. Žiga Pandur had a totally different agenda – he was testing his form after the big injury he suffered in Fort William. Žiga did everything he could and finished in solid 30th position.

Jure however was battling for the highest positions. Winner’s time was 2:13.692, which shows how short this track is and you can imagine that every small mistake counts. Jure was in the contest for a medal all the way to the end, but had to admit that on this Sunday he just wasn’t fast enough. He missed bronze for half a second and finished in fourth.

Łukasik Sławomir from Poland won the race. Congratulations also to fellow Slovenian Monika Hrastnik for second place in the elite women’s race!

Jure Žabjek: “Track in Wisła is very short and non-technical. This is why every mistake makes a difference on the final result. In the seeding run I did very good in the top part of the track, but made a mistake in the bottom and I went off the track. So I was a little bit more cautious in this section in my final run. We know that medals are the only thing that really maters on the championships, but I’m happy with the result – 4th place is very decent – and I’m not more motivated for the next two important events.”

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Photos by Piotr Staron/Diverse Downhill Contest