19 September 2016    Ruaridh   Hardline  

Dan Atherton build this track for training, but eventually it was upgraded with big jumps and other features and Red Bull Hardline was born – to show what downhill bikes are capable of. Yes, bikes really play a big role in the days of carnage in Wales, and lots of them don’t survive. Race again took its casualties among riders, but still much last than last year and finals were much more competitive.

Best comment of the race is this one – take a look at the full replay of the show on Red Bull TV. (Ruaridh’s run starts at 1:18:35.)

_POV video of Ruaridh's final run

Ruaridh was third after qualifications, Bernard Kerr was fastest and Adam Bryton was second. Same trio was on the podium on Sunday after the finals, but Ruaridh came in second. He had a amazing run, super smooth on the jumps and fast over the technical stuff. When was the first man down the hill that was faster than Gee Atherton and that already secured a place on the podium. On the end he was second, 2.40 down on Kerr.

Ruaridh’s first words in the finish area were: “It was a wild run!” Indeed it was! Congratulations!

Full results
Replay of the race on Red Bull TV

Photos by Olaf Pignataro, Dan Hearn, Rutger Pauw and Boris Beyer/ Red Bull Content Pool