04 April 2017    Tanja   Croatia  


Summer temperatures made everybody feel like it’s already a proper summer, but racing on the rocky trails was far from easy. Tanja knows the terrain on Kamenjak peninsula very well and she knew that it was time to roll out the big guns – her new Top Fuel with Eagle groupset.


Tanja Žakelj’s comment after the race: “I’m tired after two days of racing. I had to work hard for the victory on Sunday’s marathon, much more than I was hoping I would. First two laps were especially hard, everything became easier in the third lap when my competitor lost her strength and I didn’t have problems to finish in first place.

Saturday’s XC race was my priority for the weekend in Premantura and I’m happy I won that race. I took the lead soon after the start and I finished the race in my own pace. I have to add that this was my first race with my new Trek Top Fuel will SRAM Eagle – it just doesn’t get any better for the difficult terrain like this one!”


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Photos by Damijanić Photography