21 May 2017    Jure   iXSEDC   Rudy  

Tanja had a great race yesterday, today we have two more victories under our belt. Jure’s perfect result from Willingen is especially important as he’s on a mission to win the EDC series and so far he’s doing really good.


Jure Žabjek, winner in Willingen: “I had a good feeling right away from the start and had a very good run on my run in the super finals. Track in Willingen is short and it’s hard to make a big time gap. I liked top part with jumps and rock gardens, but we were quite close with Walker on that part. There were just two tenths of a second between us two. Middle part of the track has closed corners on the grass, I didn’t do as good there. Final part of the track goes over 4-Cross track and that was again a nice part for me!”


Rudy Cabirou wins on Brassac X Cross

Rudy was meanwhile racing in France, on the Brassac X Cross downhill. He finished the day on top of the podium as well! After the race he told us: “I'm really happy with my race weekend, this is good training before European champs! Me and my mechanic Chris were playing with settings and find some extra speed.

These local races are very good, I’m keeping my form and we always have great battles. This time I won with gap of three seconds and can’t wait to race next weekend in Sestola.”


Rudy, Jure and Žiga Pandur had all been selected for their national team for European DH Champs that will take place in Sestola next weekend!


iXS EDC photos by Rick Schurbert