11 June 2017    WorldCup   Jure   Taylor  

It was just a week ago in Scotland when we celebrated Jure's 25th place, at the time match to best Slovenian result ever (Žiga Pandur hold the 'trophy' for a long time), but that was just a warm-up! Jure Žabjek was on the roll after two victories in the iXS European Cup and only scratched the top of the World Cup. This time he attacked it with full force. He set 15th time yesterday in the qualies and got us all fired up. Today he kept it cool, rode like a boss and finished in 12th place! Before that he was so long in the hot seat that he almost got sunburn. If he would be only four tents faster he would take 11th from world champ Danny Hart. Another tree tents and he would be in top-10.

But this is not the only reason for Unior Tools Team to celebrate! Taylor Veron today took his best ever result in the elite men racing – 23rd place finish is sweet, but it has some bitterness... Taylor did a big mistake in his final run and lost about two seconds; if we were to count them off his time he would be in top-10. But this is of course just a theory, real result is however still very amazing!

Rudy Cabirou was 31st, Žiga Pandur was 56th, which is his best result this season. Race weekend didn’t go smoothly, fast track took a lot of casualties. Most controversial was 19 meters long final jump that was exposed to strong winds, on the end if was significantly cut for the last day of the competition.

Jure is now 17th overall, which gives him protection for at least next round of the World Cup. Rudy is 27th, Taylor came to 45th.

Jure Žabjek, 12th place: “I had a strange feeling on the track on the first day, I also switched to new Session and I was still getting used to it. I was surprised to set such a fast time in the qualifications. But I also knew that I can do it again and can be fast on Sunday, and I managed to did it! I did a small mistake in the bottom part of the track and was smooth everywhere else. I hope I’ll continue in this manner.
Mountain bike World Cup is really a big competition and I always wanted to do good here. I was doing top-30s last season, this year I’m progressing again. There was also a lot of support from side of the track and I really want to thank all fans. I was also on Red Bull TV, the realization that all those people watch you gives you crazy feelings. I’m really very happy with the whole weekend!”

Taylor Vernon, 23rd place: “I definitely think I could do top-15, but 23rd is my personal best in the elite category and I’m glad to take it. I’m happy to go on with this result to Andorra, maybe I’ll make less mistakes there and do a better result.
I was so close to the tape, I nearly crashed. I was on the edge of my tires! In my head I was ‘Ohh, I’m throwing this away’. Came across the finish line and I was first, said ‘No way’, had to look twice. Ended up 23rd, so that’s good!”

World Cup continues in July with double event in Andorra.

Results on UCI website
Race replay on Red Bull TV

Photos by Klemen Humar & Keith Valentine