01 July 2017    WorldCup   Jure   Rudy  

25th on the long and physically challenging course in Fort William, 12th on the “bike park” track in Leogang and now 15th on the technical and steep track in Vallnord! Jure Žabjek again proved himself as a top World Cup rider, so did his teammates!

This is Jure’s second consecutive top-15 result in the World Cup and a confirmation that he can easily aim high in the overall standings. He still 17th overall, but even more important is that he kept the “protected” status for the next race(s) – next round will follow in just a week in Lenzerheide.

Jure Žabjek: “I’m of course happy with how weekend went. I was aiming for the results in the top-20 and I’m now doing this on all venues. My final run was great, with one smaller mistake. But on this course in Andorra you almost can’t go without them, it’s technical and very difficult. I was holding back a little bit in the last part, I didn’t want to repeat my mistake from last year, when I crashed just before the finish. I had a good run and I did a great result.
I’m a little bit surprised that I’m doing so well on the different tracks. I was happy with 25th in Fort William and of course with great result in Leogang, and I just hope that I’ll continue in this manner till the end of the season.”

Week in Vallnord was accompanied by changing weather and ever lasting threat of rain, but daily showers really didn’t have a lot of influence – if anything they made it faster. All Unior riders were testing different tires and playing with suspension settings, but on the end everybody were on Magic Marys. Except Rudy Cabirou that decided for the cut Dirty Dans for his final run. It worked great for him, he finished the race in very respectable 21st place. It’s not his best, but it’s one of the best results ever. “It was not the best run ever, but I’m happy with it. I didn’t had all the speed I wanted, but I found my flow. It was much better than Leogang and Fort William. Still I’m a little bit disappointed, top-20 result was so close. But I’m very, very motivated for the next race next week in Lenzerheide. I’m also very happy for the team and Jure, it was another great weekend. Vallnord and Lourdes are my favorite tracks, I really like riding here. I’m having lots of fun,” said Rudy after the race.

Taylor Vernon was again so fast, but again out of luck. Without a crash he would most like make it in the top-15, but on the end of the day he had to settle with 31st. Tay was of course disappointed: “I threw away another top-15 ride, it’s frustrating. Maybe I’m pushing too hard at the moment… I went into that run maxed out and pretty much and I threw it away. On to my next, hopefully my time will come.”

Žiga Pandur was actually our first rider on the track today, and when he came down and sat on the hot seat we all knew that he’ll improve on his qualification result. He was 50th, his best so far this season! Also important – all our riders are now in the top 80 overall.

Team result was amazing, all downhill rider found a good rhythm and are taking great results on behind the other – on different tracks, surfaces and conditions!

Troy Brosnan won with amazing run, he made sure that the last minutes of the race were as intense as it gets!

World Cup continues in just a week in Lenzerheide, again with a double event. Jure is surly one of the most motivated, so we’ll finish this report with his words: “I’m not making big plans for any of the races, I always want to finish among fastest 30 riders and I’ll again do my best in Switzerland and try to deliver again.”

Best of luck to all in seven days!

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Photos by Klemen Humar and Keith Valentine