17 September 2017    Ziga   Jure   iXSEDC  

We knew that this day is coming, Jure Žabjek had enough points to take the iXS EDC series, but it’s still feels so much better when the results are official.
Start of the European series was perfect – Jure was unbeatable in Kranjska Gora and Willingen. He’s again fastest on the qualifications in Schladming, but made a mistake in the Super Finals and finished in 17th. He was later 5th in Špičak and today, on the last race of the series, 2nd in Leogang! This was his season, and just adds to all the fantastic results he has from the World Cup!

Žiga Pandur was 15th today in Leogang and is 14th overall, which is another great result!

Jure Žabjek after the race and the awards ceremonies: “I knew I will take the series, so I went to the race very relaxed. I came to Leogang for another solid result and I managed to pull it off.
Compared to World Champs in Australia, the temperatures in Austria are low and I felt chilly throughout the weekend. But it wasn’t just cold, it was also raining for the whole time. Track was slow in both qualifications and the finals, the mud was very sticky all the time. I had a good run on the end, and it was good enough for second place.
Last winter I didn’t even dream of a season like this. Even after the good result in Fort William I didn’t thought that I can do much better. But I was much, much better just a week later in Leogang, when I was 12th. This gave me self-confidence and awareness that I can compete with the best out there. At the same time I had a great season in the iXS European Cup and so I’m now also officially overall winner of the series. I have to thanks the team for all the great results, they took me under the wing when I was a junior and took me to my first world cup, and today we’re still here together and getting all this great results!”

iXS European DH Cup – official website

Photos by Klemen Humar