30 November 2017    Jure   Tanja   Rudy   Tayor  

Victories are great, and it feels great to have so many of them in just one season! But when we look back at the best results our riders achieved, we don’t even have those victories on the list. Best results are those that were done on the hardest races of the year, and in the strongest possible competition. These results are:
Tanja Žakelj’s 10th place on UCI MTB World Championships in Cairns
Rudy Cabirou’s 8th place on UCI MTB World Cup Lenzerheide
Jure Žabjek’s 10th place on UCI MTB World Cup Lenzerheide
Taylor Vernon’s 8th place on Red Bull Hardline

This doesn’t mean that victories on iXS EDC races, UCI Claas I & II races and all national races don’t count. They count BIG TIME and we can only congratulate our rider for such a great season!

Photos by Klemen Humar, Keith Valentine & Grega Stopar