18 June 2011 Rest weekend? Don't think so, racing at the iXS Cup in Leogang for Slovenians and national series for Harry in UK. Maria is frying in Crete. Check some cool shots from Leogang and stay tunned for more from this weekend.

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12 June 2011

World Cup Leogang brought a lot of success for Unior Tools Team - with three solid results in the downhill finals and two personals bests. All three finalists from our team improved on results from the qualifications, Harry Heath was again the fastest. With 43rd place he improved his position from Fort William by one place.

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11 June 2011

Our riders Harry Heath, Nejc Rutar and Maria Michalogiannaki all qualified for Sunday downhill finals. Maria has the biggest smile on her face since this is the course that is far from her preferences and muddy conditions are also something that she is not used to. For most of the time you don't see mud if you are mountain biker in Greece …

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10 June 2011


Leogang is again muddy and rainy and the same goes for 4-cross course that hosted today's qualifications. Our Neža Knez had an average run and finished in safe 12th place. She will not have an easy group tomorrow, but she know that she can be much faster. German champ Steffi Marth is once more in her group, which is a good recipe for a interesting fight. Fastest were Romana Labounkova and Jared Graves.

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05 June 2011

These are the final results for our team on the World Cup race in Fort William, Scotland. Harry was first on the course and he was fully committed to ride harder and faster. He did just that and took massive 13 seconds of his qualification time; the time was fast enough for a second place on the hot seat for quite a while and 44th place on the end. This is very close to his personal best and very good result before Leogang. Žiga also improved his time from yesterday and was 67th on the end - personal best! Congratulations to both of them!

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04 June 2011

Action in Fort William continues with DH qualifications. Žiga was our fastest rider on the course today with 68th time of the day that was more than enough for the finals. Žiga's comment after the run: "My goal was to get into the finals and I have done that today. I did some small mistakes after the start, but I managed to get my head together and had better run till the end. Tomorrow I will just have as much fun as possible on my ride that will deliver even better time."

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03 June 2011


Neža was in the center of our attention today with 4-cross qualifications on the schedule. She had 10th fastest time of the day with gap of just over 3.5 seconds that more more than enough for finals. Neža was super solid on last training session and she rode all hard lines and jumps, but later she did a small mistake in the quail run. Neža Knez: "Run war more or less clean, but I made a wrong shift in one of the berms and lost some time due to that. The course feels great and I know I can go through to the second run or higher tomorrow. I just need a good start." Jared Graves and Melissa Buhl were the fastest qualifiers.

Other riders spend most of the day on the DH course and got familiar with all lines and the new forest sections. This section is full of mud since organizers didn't manage to dry it. Maybe this part will go through some changes until qualifications that are scheduled for tomorrow. New road gap is big, but didn't caused no problems for our three boys and Maria. They all just flew over it!

Check the gallery below, to see some action on track and in the pits!



02 June 2011

We all appreciated the sun that came through the clouds over Fort William today and made perfect conditions for course inspection and 4-cross training. Our DH riders Maria, Harry, Nejc and Žiga went up to the start of the course and checked out all sections. As you know the course got new forest section with road gap and two big berms. As the ground is soft in this part it is hard to predict how will be the riding on this section on tomorrow's training. All our riders like this course and just can't wait to get on a bike tomorrow morning.

Neža already had a 4-cross training this afternoon and got familiar with all sections, also the rock garden that was not used one year ago. But as she had a lot of technical training this winter she has no problems with it and looks strong for the qualifications that are scheduled for Friday evening.

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