25 August 2010

After some short vacation we bring you some news from here and there. We left off in Val di Sole after the last world cup in Europe. Weekend was succesfull, guys did solid results, Žiga P. was really close to final, he finished at 84th position, with great intermediate times. Many tanks to all the tech support we got at the race, especialy thanks to Sram, Adidas Eyewear, Trek and Maxxis. Žiga continued racing two weeks later on the last IXS cup of the season in Spicak Czech and did a great 13. place.

Another great news - Neža will race world cup in Windham and World Championships in Canada following weekends. Neža already travelled to USA with Slovenian national team. Latest news from Neža - she did a short XC training with the girls, 4x course inspection was closed due to really bad weather, training on thursday was canceled and postponed on Friday morning. We will keep you posted more, so be sure to come back!

On the way to USA

Neža hiding behind an USA soldier:)


Žiga P. towards the finish in Spicak, IXS cup.

Kristjan - Val di Sole

Carefully packed van from MBK Orbea team, together with our stuff - after Val di Sole.

Another great promotion of Unior Tools in Italy.


Žan finaly made it to the bottom without any mechanical or flat tire. 114 position.

Cec and Žan. Great thanks to Adidas Eyewear, Peter, Dejan and Aleks for supporting us the whole season!

29 July 2010

A little update from Val di Sole. It is raining basicaly since we got here but the rain should stop by Friday and the weekend is supposed to be sunny. The practice today was good for both DH and 4x riders. The tracks have some good flow and are fun to ride even in wet. More news tomorrow after qualifications ... keep your fingers crossed.

Expo area

Neža Knez (foto: Črn Trn)

26 July 2010

Safely came home from Champery, taking a rest, washing clothes and actually already started packing again for Val di Sole:) It is really easy for us europeans to race the world cups here, as we can actually always go home after every race. I've spent a lot of time talking to some riders from New Zealand and Australia, its really hard for them to actually stay here during the summer when there are no world cups, as they usually get the contracts only for the big races.
To go back to the race, we are trying to do are best in all races this year and we are pretty sure we are gonna make it sooner or later. Stay tuned in the next few days, we still need to upload helmet cam from Champery, hopefully tomorrow and then some news from Val di Sole. Cheers until then!

Our visit to UCI.

UCI has a great supercross bmx track.

Nejc Rutar from MBK Orbea did a great job in Champery with 51. place. MBK Orbea is our number one team partner, as we travel and help each other on most of the races. Nejc can smile:D

23 July 2010

DH qualfications today in Champery, short report, tomorrow more details. Žiga P. did great before the finish, where he caught another rider who feel infront of him.. unfortenately the same happened to Žiga.. His intermediate times were looking really promising to get to the final! He finished in 114th position. Cec and Kristjan made some mistakas, crashes and finished in 126. and 136. position. Maria had a mechanical brake down after start and did not finish the race. Better result than Leogang, but still many things to put together.. More tomorrow!

Žiga P.


22 July 2010

First day of training is over. Maria, Cec, Žiga P. and Vreček are this weekends team, together with Grega and Tine. The course is really steep and technical, same as it was 2 years ago. So far, things are great. The weather is questionable, there is a possibility that they will move the qualifications to Saturday due to really bad forecast for tomorrow. Stay tuned for more and for Cec's crazy helmet cam shot:)


Žiga P.



19 July 2010

Great weekend in Kranjska Gora at Itak Bike Fest! Žiga P. did his best result in slovenian downhill cup races with 2nd overall place! Kristjan also did a great job this weekend on 4th place! Ready for action we are already packing for Champery World Cup! Stay tunned!

04 July 2010

We did some racing in slovenia in the last two weeks. Kristjan did a great job in slovenian downhill cup race in Buzet last week, with 2nd overall position! This is his best result in slovenian cup and we hope that this is the intro for some world cup racing at the end of the month.

Yesterday Tilen raced slovenian 4cross race and got 2nd overall and first in elite category. Good thing he still knows how to ride MTB:) Next week both national championships in Maribor!

Kristjan on the left in Supersnurf (local team) jersey (foto: Valentina Triler).

Tilen first on the elite podium.