08 June 2010

Finaly we are home. The trip back home was however long for me (Tine) and Rok who drove the van, but we've managed to do 2400km in 30 hours, including waiting at a trafic jam in Germany and traveling with the train through the eurotunnel. We've finished our racing on Saturday, after DH qualificiations. Žan had a flat tire after the third turn, Maria made a big mistake hiting a tree pretty bad, finishing ten seconds after the top 20 women, as Žiga P. finished at 127th position, which offcourse was not his goal. Nothing much to say, two flat tires (Neža in 4x also..) among 4 riders in one weekend is what i call bad luck. Weekend was full of flat tires and mechanical problems, not just with us, but also with other riders. That's racing! One weekend of racing in Slovenia, then we are headed to next round of the World Cup in Leogang.

To say a few words about the event - C R A Z Y !!! This is really something you have to see if you are mountain bike enthusiast. Literary thousands of people come and chear for each and every rider on the course, blowing there brains off when a local rider comes. It's my job also to check the event from organizers point of view, which again comes out with ten plus.

Žan in the first turn


Žiga P.

Thousands of fans looking at the bigscreen

Unior tools are the best tools! :)

Steve Peat towards the finish, crowd going crazy...

Our pits

Expo & tech area, our pits in the right corner

04 June 2010

No luck for Neža today. Flat tire in qualifications and no finals tomorrow. DH training went well - keep you finger crossed for tomorrow's DH qualifications.

Neža before the puncture.

Žan in the top part of the DH course.


Žiga P.

03 June 2010

Another sunny and warm day in Fort William. Neža did her first training, so far so good. DH team section made another on foot course inspection. Tomorrow 4x qualy and first DH training. Nothing more to say today.

Neža on the last turn

Maria on the DH course. Nejc Rutar from MBK Orbea (on the left) is also with us.

Our pits got a lot of attention again...

02 June 2010

Day 2: again great weather, hope it lasts till the end of the week. Both tracks are really awesome, can't wait for the first trainings tomorrow. We've also set up the expo tent and made some minor sightseeing today. More tomorrow.

Rok servicing Maria's bike.


Awesome DH course!


01 June 2010

We've just settled at Fort William after a long drive and a bit shorter flight for the riders. The weather is great and the land is absolutely fantastic. Tomorrow we are setting up the expo tent and we have a small workshop for mechanics. Boys and girls will check the courses and chill out. Stay tuned for more.

Tine and Rok having a beer at the ferry, before the whole night cruise towards Scotland.

Fort William, jupppie, finally!

mmm pancakes.

29 May 2010 Check this awesome trailer for Fort William World Cup event next week! Stay tuned for regular news from Scotland.

23 May 2010

Jan Cestnik - Cec finished 2nd today in Slovenian downhill cup! Great performance and success for Cec, just behind really fast Austrian rider Markus Pekoll, so Cec took home maximum points for slovenian cup and offcourse bunch of UCI points as the MEN  ELITE category was also registered as Class 1 race!

Although Cec is racing for his local club MTB Trbovlje/Specialized in Slovenian races, this is still a great victory for us! Also great job from Kristjan and Žiga, who did 9th and 14th place and still manage to get some UCI points. We had several good riders today from Austria, Poland, Italy...and even from New Zealand and Australia.

Cec cleaning his bike in World Cup Maribor the previous weekend.

18 May 2010

This late report was not published because of our bad results, but believe it or not, we did not have time to do it :) Today we've just returned from riding at Ljubljana trails with guys from BikeRadar, including Victor Lucas, Ben Reid... All really excited. Can't wait for the article!

So to return to Maribor World Cup this weekend - extreme conditions were actually not a problem, we did great at tranining but not that great at race. 4x - Tilen was already out during practice after big crash in the last woods, Žiga did too many mistakes and could not jump the bottom step down and finished 68, while Neža did a mistake at the very first straight and finished in the fense.

Saturday the qualifications for downhill - Kristjan actually did his best world cup result, 108th place and around 5 seconds behind the final, which is actually great in this conditions. He made some mistakes in his run, but overall satisfied. Great start. Cec and Žiga P. both had one crash (Žiga's front flip is actually documented all over the web...) in the middle and made it around 10sec behind the final, in 122th and 126th position. Žan crashed on the Rock section and finished the race there, fortunately without serious injury. Maria had to overtake two competitors during here run and she still neds more tranining in the mud. They would be in the final if... arrrghh, there are no "ifs" behind all the results, we trained a lot, bikes were serviced all the time during the weekend, we had new tires, riders had maximum support all the time, so we know we will do better in two weeks at Fort William. We just need to put all the piceses of the puzzle together and we'll get there, definetly!

Spreading Unior around the world
We did great promotion of Unior Tools again, which is actually not hard as the tools are really great and the variety of the offer is enormous. By next world cup, you'll be able to see some of the tools already settled with other teams, for example at Greg Minnars mechanic Doug, who has a great new professional tool box, at Rocky Mountain Maxxis team manager Gary is really excited with his new tool cariage already assembled in his van. We are already talking with many other teams for cooperation. We'll also bring many different samples to Fort William, so feel free to contact us and order your Unior Tools!



Cec over the Rocks and roll

Žiga K.

Žiga P. - Red Bull actually gave him wings...


Doug from Santa Cruz Syndicate excited with his first items of Unior Tools.

Gary from Rocky Mountain Maxxis with his new tools cariage.

Cec-senior giving some lectures to Neža

Our pits in the back

Tine doing his job:)

Rok washing Kristjan's bike.

Žan's trek waiting to get dirty again